Funding Sources

We'd like to acknowledge the following for current and past funding: NIH Brain Initiative, NSF, Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, AFOSR, ARL, Abe and Ester Zarem, Benjamin Hall, Packard Foundation, MacArthur Foundation.

New Papers

Corfas, R.A., Sharma, T., and Dickinson, M.H. (2019). Diverse food-sensing neurons trigger idiothetic local search in Drosophila. Current Biology 29, 1660–1668.

Van Breugel, F., Huda, A., Dickinson, M.H. (2018). Distinct activity-gated pathways mediate attraction and aversion to CO2 in Drosophila. Nature 564, 420–424.

Giraldo, Y.M., Leitch, K. J., Ros, G.R., Warren, T.L., Weir, P.T., and Dickinson, M.H. (2018). Sun navigation requires compass cells in Drosophila. Current Biology 28, 2845-2852.

Warren, T.L., Weir, P.T., and Dickinson, M.H. (2018) Flying Drosophila melanogaster maintain arbitrary but stable headings relative to the angle of polarized light. J. Exp Biol. 221: jeb177550

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