We are located at Caltech in the Beckman Behavior Building, suite 204


Dickinson Lab
The California Institute of Technology, Mail Code 216-76
1200 E. California Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91125
phone: (626) 395-4562
email: lilianp@caltech.edu

Joining the Lab:

Students and post-docs fascinated with any aspects of insect flight behavior, physiology, or evolution are invited to join my laboratory. What is more important than an interest in insect flight, however, is a love of complexity and a commitment to interdisciplinary approaches.

Research Support:

  • Current Research supported by: NIH and NSF
  • Past Research supported by: NIH, NSF, Packard Foundation, ONR, DARPA, AFOSR, ARL, Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, Benjamin Hall.

Lab Social Culture

Group meeting

The lab conducts a weekly two hour group meeting during which one member of the laboratory gives an informal presentation on their research progress. Although the primary purpose of group meeting is the presentation of new results, the time slot is also used for practice talks, the presentation of figures prior to manuscript submission, and brainstorming sessions. The order of presentation increments automatically through the list of all lab members. Group meeting typically begins with a brief discussion of practical issues concerning the lab.

Journal club

The lab conducts a weekly one hour journal club in which lab members present a recent paper of interest to the lab. As with group meeting, the order of presentation increments automatically through the list of all lab members.

Lab camping trip

In most years, the lab takes a three day camping to a site within reasonable driving distance. All lab members contribute to cooking meals and planning activities. The families of all lab member are invited to participate. Past sites include Lake Isabella, Saddlebag Lake, Mount Lassen, Lake Tahoe, Big Sur, King’s Canyon, Mono Lake, Olympic National Park, and the Northern Cascades.

Charitable giving

The laboratory believes that scientists have a responsibility to improve human and environmental welfare. In December of each year, the laboratory makes a charitable contribution to an organization that we feel is tackling the world’s most challenging problems. All graduate students, post-docs, staff, and undergraduates make a collective contribution which is matched 2-fold by the PI. Since 2010, we have donated over $15,103 to worthy agencies.

Past donations include:

$500 to Good Shepherd Shelter (2019)
$368 to UNICEF USA (2019)
$490 to Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) Action (2018)
$490 Zakat Foundation of America (2018)
$1500 to American Refugee Committee (2017)
$800 to American Civil Liberties Union (2016)
$850 to Planned Parenthood (2016)
$1548 to the Malala Fund (2015)
$1140 to Doctors Without Borders (2014)
$1500 to Direct Relief (2013)
$1222 to Northwest Harvest (2012)
$1675 to Doctors Without Borders (2011)
$1320 to Doctors Without Borders (2010)

The lab is also committed to social justice in society
and diversity in science.
In June, 2020, the lab contributed $850 to the NAACP and $850 to the People’s City Council.

We encourage other laboratories to develop similar traditions.