Kellan Moorse


I am interested in using both mathematical modeling and experimental methods to examine neurobiological systems at the behavioral level. In particular, I am applying concepts from stochastic processes and control theory to better understand the highly robust and efficient odor plume navigation behavior exhibited by the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster.

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Wen, H., Morales Martinez, A., Miao, H., Larsen, T., Nguyen C., Bennett, E., Moorse, K., Yu Z., Remaley A., Boehm, M., and Gharib, A., “Correlative Detection of Isolated Single and Multi-Cellular Calcifications in the Internal Elastic Lamina of Human Coronary Artery Samples,” Nature Scientific Reports (2018),


Ph.D., Computation & Neural Systems, Caltech, In Progress

B.S., Physics & Applied Physics, Bethel University, 2016